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Melior Intelligence helps Contract Managers to Automatically Categorise, Review and Find Answers in legal and compliance documents so companies can make better business decisions and easily automate workflows.

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Out-of-the box, Melior Intelligence automatically detects and understands over 25 types of legal documents including Service Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Non-Compete, Consulting Agreements, Franchise, Maintenance, Service, Sponsorship, Strategic Alliance, Supply and Reseller Agreements. Custom AI models are available for Enterprise clients.

With Melior Intelligence you can go beyond search by actioning your results and automate important routine tasks. You can set reminders, forward important contracts, create spreadsheets with specific information. The possibilities are endless!

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Why choose Melior AI

Whatever format or repository your legal documents are in, we can help you.

Melior Intelligence is built from the ground up using a modern, innovative AI tech stack that gives us unparalleled capabilities. We combine what is best in IDP, NLU, Search, Semantic Retrieval and Layered composable models coupled with our specialised multi and cross-lingual technology, we can tackle a wider range of business documents more accurately and more flexibly than others.

No manual labelling or tagging. No waste of your legal team’s valuable time.

During ingestion, our system automatically recognises and classifies a large number of legal and business documents such as a Service Agreement, NDA, Employment Contract. For recognised Legal documents, we automatically extract over 50 data points such as Governing Law, Renewal, Parties, People and make them easily queryable.

Yield more precise answers out of your content so you can save time when reviewing legal documents and make better decisions.

Keywords based search limits your ability to reach the desired knowledge within your content. So we have developed our Semantic QA so you can ask complex questions naturally without having to fit within precise keywords that may not even exist in your documents.

You can act on the knowledge you have found.

You can easily run complex multi-parameter queries on your documents. You can set automated actions such as escalation and reminders depending on the content of the ingested/queried documents.

Pain free and quick technical onboarding leading to fast initial results and quicker customer satisfaction.

Our team, product suite and procedures have been tailored to make the experience of working with us and using our products pain free from day 1. We are here to help you achieve your business goals, not to add to your to-do list! So No data labelling. No model training. And no hogging your precious employees’ time on lengthy set up projects.

Private Deployments.

We won’t drag your data out of your own secure set-up.

A semantic QA system considers the intent and contextual meaning of a given question so then it extracts an answer from available content. IAs a result, Semantic QAs are more effective in finding the right answers because they can go beyond matching exact keywords.

Structured data is standardised content that has been labelled and organised for an specific purpose e.g. databases.

Examples of unstructured content are PDFs, Word documents, Web content, Images, Videos, Brochures, presentations. Perfect for human consumption but because the content is not organised within specific standards (labels and format) any computer system would struggle to extract meaning from that content.


Increase your Legal Team's productivity by helping them find the precise answers they need to get their jobs done.

Melior Contract Intelligence platform combines our Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Search systems to provide contract understanding and automation at different levels of granularity and understanding; from word level to document level.

Examples of unstructured content are PDFs, Word documents, Web content, Images, Videos, Brochures, presentations. Perfect for human consumption but because the content is not organised within specific standards (labels and format) any computer system would struggle to extract meaning from that content.

The problem with siloed data is that it holds content separate across different groups of people, and each group ends up having a scattered and fragmented view of the content available. That may negatively influence people’s decision making.

Intelligent Document Processing

Our IDP allows extraction of meaning from documents with complex layouts.

Pre-Trained, Composable AI models

Our models are pre-trained so we can achieve quick results after fast onboarding.

Question Answering & Cognitive Search

Express naturally and more complex questions through our Semantic QA.

Intelligent Automation

Easily connected to major business systems through no-code interface.

In addition to our powerful free-hand semantic search, Melior Contract Intelligence automatically extracts over 50 data points such as Governing Law, Renewal, Parties, People and makes them easily queryable.

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About Melior AI

Melior AI was started to bring about better Conversational Automation. One that could truly manouevre human dialogue.

Over time, we discovered that our clients' greatest problem was in building usable knowledge bases out of a wealth of complex, lengthy, unstructured, and fast-changing sources of data. Our ingenious Knowledge Ingestion Pipeline makes it possible to automate this problem at scale.

We are a distributed team. We believe in attracting top talent wherever it may be based, and offering a positive work environment to our employees. We believe that creative thinking is often inspired by nature, hence we promote a healthy work balance.

We are dedicated and ambitious. Most importantly, we listen to our clients. As a result, our suite of products and services are constantly evolving to bring about real benefits to our clients.

Join us, if you dare!

As a fast growing start-up we are constantly looking for like-minded people who want to use their knowledge and experience to create solutions that bring real business value to Enterprises.

Have a look at our team's manifesto and if it resonates with you, get in touch!

We are a Calm Company

Productivity cannot exist within a chaotic environment. Delivery cannot come at any cost either. We want to run a company in which we are able to find a good balance between private life and work. We want people to be happy to work with us. But we also expect our co-workers to bring that mindset to their work environment. Life is too short and a messy state of mind is not good for business.

We are a caring company

We have each others’ back and treat each with respect, particularly when we disagree. We do not reward backstabbing. In fact, we have ZERO TOLERANCE for backstabbing.

A Global and Professional Company

You can work from anywhere you want in the world as long as you keep high levels of professionalism. Make sure you are on time for meetings, that you have chosen an adequate place and that you have the right equipment (fully charged computer and stable/high speed internet).

We don’t micro-manage

We believe in task ownership, not micro-management. We are here to support but if you have taken upon yourself to deliver a task, it is your responsibility to see it through. If you believe that the conditions are not adequate to complete the task, say so. If you need more time to complete the task, please ask.

We try to be humble and open

Within our team and when dealing with the wide world, we never assume to know it all. BUT also acknowledge that depending on context, not all opinions are equally valid. If you can logically and scientifically (empirically?) back it up please share with the class.

Our Values

  • We don’t encourage or give credence to conspiracy theories. Logic prevails.
  • Collaborate! Collaborate!
  • Do not hoard knowledge: become a source of knowledge.
  • Respect your colleagues, their time, work and their efforts.
  • Be on time
  • Avoid unnecessary meetings.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel
  • We are not cowboys: decisions are guided by common values, goals and strategy.